Inglourious Basterds

Firstly, I must concede that I was a little skeptical to watch a movie based on the same old tried and tested formula of World War II, especially when I had been told that most of it was in some foreign language.
I was pleasantly surprised!
Inglourious Basterds is a historical fantasy that relies heavily on conversational sequences and the mettle of its actors. It is not a movie that will be remembered as an epic war movie, unlike many in its class. It is far from being historically accurate, or being as sentimental as the other movies of its genre, but it nevertheless delivers a great first watch! The movie is based around a certain Colonel Hans Landa of the SS and SD, nicknamed “The Jew Hunter”. As his name would suggest, he has been assigned the task of ‘rating’ out the Jews from the Nazi occupied France. And as you’d expect, he’s as savage as the history books would suggest the Nazis were. The part has been played by Cristoph Waltz, who by far produces the best acting performance in the movie. He converses with characters in either french or german for long durations without losing the audience’s interest.
Then there are 8 US soldiers who have been air dropped into France as civilians to cause panic and fear amongst the Nazi soldiers, by being as savage as possible… They are the Inglourious basterds!
They inflict onto the Germans, what Germans inflict onto others! They brutally beat German officers to pulp and collect their scalps as souvenirs! They act with absolute impunity with utter inhumane callousness. Brad Pitt plays the part of Aldo Raine, the leader of the Basterds. He handles the role with great aplomb and swagger. His charm makes you root for him even when he’s brutally carving a swastika on a german soldiers head, or torturing a double agent.
And then there is Sashana, a Jew, who is running a theater in Paris under an alias. When she was young, her parents had been killed by colonel Handa and his men in front of her eyes.
The basterds soon become a part of a plot to burn down Sashana’s cinema in Paris, loaded with German officers, to the ground. The rest of the movie is based around the basterds plan, and all the unforeseen consequences that come before them.
It’s not a movie where you should expect to see the heroism of the allied soldiers, or the sentimentality associated with war. It is a Nazi ass kicking fiesta aimed solely to make you enjoy the pain that is inflicted onto the Germans! It’s a n expression for the hatred many people have stored for the Nazis for generations. But it’s not just that! Even though most of the movie has to be watched with subtitles, and a lot of it is just people talking, it is filled to the brim with excellent direction from Quentin Tarantino and marvelous acting by Cristoph Waltz (The Jew Hunter). Its one movie that is a one time must watch! Especially for all the Jews, the African Americans, or anyone else that wishes that they could beat the crap out of a German soldier with a baseball bat, because the Basterds do just that!


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