Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

There are certain movies that don’t have to be any good to get audience’s approval. A movie with giant robots kicking each others asses, is one such example. Yet Michael Bay finds a way to even make that stink!
I have been a fan of the transformers franchise for a long time. Even though Transformers 1 may not have been up to the best standards of film making… I left the theatre smiling like a 9 year old boy who thinks he just saw Santa. I don’t think the movie had a very appealing story, but who cares? Optimus Prime came to the silver screen drenched in all the special effects Dreamworks can squeeze out, annihilating Decepticon scum in absolute visual extravaganza! Honestly, after seeing that movie, I never thought anybody could screw up Transformers 2. I mean what could they do wrong?
Apparently, there was a lot they could do wrong:
Transformers 2 is the single biggest insult to any transformers fan. The movie is contrary to everything that the franchise represents. The movie is mindless 150 minutes of cacophony inflicted on everyone unfortunate enough to watch it. It’s not funny or thrilling. The jokes are stale and the talent of Shia LaBeouf has been completely wasted. Megan Fox is just there for the looks (of course) and everyone else excluding the robots has been under utilized, and is honestly just there for the heck of it.
I believe the root of all the problems is that Michael Bay has tried to make a bigger movie than Transformers 1 without justifying the cause. Most of the robots don’t really have any role; in fact some of them are just downright annoying! Take for example the twin Autobots, all throughout the movie they do the opposite of what one would expect from Autobots. I know it may seem a good idea to make a couple of robots talk like rappers, but its not! It’s annoying!
The story goes absolutely anywhere they can put a couple of fights sequences, the whole plot is just sad and the robot who turns into a girl in Sam’s room reminds you of X-Men not Decepticons!
It seems this movie was made with a gun on the director’s temple. The entire script could have been put together by a 16 year old during his summer break!
It’s even sadder when there is suppose to be some characters life in jeopardy, and you just don’t care! There are just far too many robots to even give a damn. They just come out of nowhere and then…. Die! Who cares about that?
Optimus Prime’s presence does attract some attention, but there is as much the leader of Autobots can do.
This is by far one of the Worst sci-fi movies ever made. I know that I thought that a Transformers movie couldn’t go wrong… Well I was wrong! Now only if Michael Bay would stop punishing me like this…


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